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Listen, Analyze and Monitor

Step 2

Use advanced AI to derive trends and insights at scale. Summarize key topics of discussion and set up triggers to monitor events and new developments


Topic Modelling

Innate identifies and extracts key topics from social media discussions automatically, saving you hours of manual effort of categorizing insights into topics. 


Sentiment Analysis

It goes beyond basic sentiment (positive, negative, neutral) to more nuanced emotional recognition that enables a better understanding of key motivations in the stakeholder community. 


AI Summarization

Innate's AI can go one step further and summarize key points from a large number of discussions automatically. These summarized insights are immediately accessible and can be used to inform strategy.


Patient Journey

Categorizing discussions into patient or customer journey's can be highly beneficial to develop targeted messaging leading to better engagement and empathy with your audience. 

Experience Innate AI

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