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Nex-gen insight extraction from complex medical data 

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The Innate AI platform seamlessly transforms diverse medical data sources into a rich source of insights. From generating evidence, to extracting opinion, our workflows cover the entire therapeutic landscape to reshape medical strategy,

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Streamlined Insight Extraction

Navigate through a wealth of medical text, including social media data, clinical trials, papers, abstracts, and internal surveys, effortlessly. Our platform provide out-of-the-box workflows, making valuable insights accessible at your fingertips.


Generative AI Excellence

Innate's platform converts insights into actionable formats tailored for medical communication use cases, including concise reports, visualizations, and targeted presentations, fostering efficient knowledge dissemination and strategic collaboration in healthcare.

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Adherence to AI Regulations

Trust is paramount in healthcare. Innate's platform provides transparent and explainable insights making it future ready to comply with upcoming AI regulations, providing you with a secure and ethical foundation for using the latest in generative AI

How it Works

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Collect and Integrate

Collect and integrate data automatically from various online and offline medical data sources into a comprehensive knowledge graph for further modelling and insight extraction.

Model, Enrich and Analyze

Convert business questions into insight models. Use various AI-based enrichment modules and workflows to identify and extract the right insights based on your questions.

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Combine and Generate

Convert insights into actionable formats tailored for medical communication use cases, including concise reports, interactive visualizations, and targeted presentations. 

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