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Patient Centricity | Social Intelligence

Effective Healthcare community engagement, experimentation and analysis at scale requires an intelligent tool for tracking communication effectiveness. Innate offers this along with a strong data foundation to expand on your capabilities in social listening and beyond


Digital Influencers

  • Innate identifies opinion leaders based on their influence and centricity in medical discussions, finding you the right people to engage with

  • It also enables you to segment the actors in the network according to your own criteria for more precise targeting

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Social Listening

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  • Innate AI Automatically organizes discussions into “Topics” of discussion saving you time and effort

  • It can interpret tone of voice and sentiment giving you an overview on emotionally charged discussions

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Engagement Tracking

  • Measuring your engagement and impact is crucial for understanding what messaging works, Innate helps you keep track of your current position and perception

  • It also enables you to set your own KPIs providing a framework of measurable drivers of communication effectiveness

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The Innate Value

Our platform gathers various medical and non-medical data into one unified knowledge graph that can be accessed through Innate’s data APIs. Once transformed the data is highly connected and enriched, powering the future of AI-powered medical applications.

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Unifying discrete data sources by identifying connections and relationships between them


AI and Analytics

Developing proprietary AI models and analytics frameworks for custom apps


Managed Services

Platform as a Service for developing, hosting and managing your SaaS applications

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We also provide services to build custom bespoke AI-powered solutions hosted on our platform. Got an idea for a data-AI app?

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