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Collect, Segment and Rank

Step 1

Use Innate to collect data from key social listening channels, segment and rank each account to identify Digital Opinion Leaders across different type of stakeholders

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Data Integration

Innate brings in data on all relevant discussions around your happening on key social media channels such as Twitter and Reddit


Knowledge Graph

All data is stored as a graph with connections between Therapeutic Area, Drugs, Brands, Scientific Papers, Account types, interactions between people, etc. This provides a powerful insights discovery engine. The graph also enables easy data enrichment to merge easily with your data.

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Actor Classification

It can identify up to 8 actor types based on their conversation style. Actor types are patients, HCPs, Pharma, patient advocates, caregivers, journalists, academics and government. 


Digital Opinion Leadership Score

Each account or actor is given a Digital Opinion Leadership (DOL) score. This enables easy identification of the right people to engage with.

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