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AI-powered marketing intelligence from unbiased                              insights


Innate’s AI converts online discussions into a rich source of insights that can be leveraged to optimize sales and marketing efforts leading to better brand engagement and positioning

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Brand protection and monitoring

Understand and nurture conversations happening around your brands, products, competitors and associated healthcare topics. Improve engagement with your brand with the assistance of advanced algorithms and AI


Opinion intelligence for Pharma 

Quickly identify opinion leaders in your niche based on their influence and centricity in online discussions. Identify and extract key topics from social media discussions and use these insights at a strategic level

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Empathy and engagement at scale

Empathize with patients, HCPs and other stakeholders by developing content that targets key needs and concerns. Build trust with your patient population and win the voice of patients online

How it Works

Collect, Segment and Rank

Innate collects relevant discussions from Social Media and segments accounts into type (patients, HCPs, advocates). It also ranks each account by influence 

Listen, Analyze and Monitor

Innate's AI analyses all discussions and categorizes into topics and patient journey stage. It also summarizes insights across each topic automatically

Engage and Measure

Innate tracks improvements in your overall engagement with patients, HCPs and other stakeholders. It also helps create content for sales and marketing

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Innate Social Listening AI Patient Voice
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